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We have military contractor jobs, Navy, Air Force, Army, and civilian military jobs that allow for a unique opportunity for healthcare for professional civilians.

Working with the private military sector is a career transforming experience within the healthcare industry. Whether you are a veteran, transitioning from military to civilian life, or just have an interest in working with the active duty member and their dependents, Saratoga Medical has the career path for you!

With over 30 years of private sector military recruitment, our expert placement team will guide you on a career that is rewarding both clinically and personally.

Military surgeon
Your career really matters to us. Let Saratoga Medical help you find an exciting military job without joining the military.


Would you like to work in a military environment without joining the military? Contract employment with Saratoga allows for an exciting career working as a military nurse, as a civilian. There is no military service commitment needed.

Of course! With opportunities all over the United States and Guam, we can get you where you need and want to be!

Pay rates vary by specialty and by location. Our salaries are always competitive with market rates and with our attractive benefits packages, we often make offers that can’t be refused!

Some branches of the military are very quick, with only a few weeks needed between acceptance and start. Some however, have a longer process with both security clearance and credentialing being required before a start date can be established. Our team will work with you to ensure that the lead times fit with your career needs.

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Whether you are military physician, military nurse, civilian healthcare professional or even have an interested in civilian or military healthcare administrative jobs, Saratoga knows how to place you in the best military career available.