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Saratoga Medical is the healthcare company that brings military precision and strength to your job or candidate search.

We started in business by helping the US military and government clients fill their need for quality healthcare candidates. To comply with the high standards mandated by these organizations, we developed a comprehensive rigorous process to find, recruit and place quality candidates.

The exacting process we developed has served us—and our employees and clients– well and for over 30 years.

Today, in addition to the military and government, we serve the private sector clients including niche markets such as travel nurses and physicians.

While our approach and process is unique the quality that sets us apart from the others is our commitment to going the extra mile for our clients and job seekers. We believe that nothing is more important than responsive customer service.

We are proud that our services are consistently rated as “superior” or “outstanding” by our clients in both government and private industry.

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Management Team

Our key personnel are experienced and accomplished and are supported by a dedicated staff of healthcare specialists. Whether you are looking for your next job or have to hire the best available healthcare professionals you should call us first.

Jaskiran Sidhu, President and CEO
 Saleena Sidhu, Vice President
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We can create a limitless opportunity both for individuals looking for full-time assignments as well as for large Governmental or private companies in need of qualified healthcare professionals.

For our employees we offer great benefits. All of these come with a reliable staff of industry experts to help manage your career.

For our clients, we provide an experienced recruitment team with an efficient credentialing process that meets expectations, ensuring that the talent we place is top notch.